What Happened to Quibi?

Earlier this year the mobile only stream company Quibi launched and as of October they officially closed their doors. So what happened? This company was being pushed to the moon with millions of dollars poured into and star studded casts, my theory is the work wasn’t put in to build a base. Just because you have stars and commercial placement does not guarantee success , it is all about your audience.

While it's true that a lot of the world is now consuming content on mobile devices, everyone is home now and loves the convenience of having the versatility of stream content available on the tv's, tablets and laptops. Five minute shows are not appealing, programs like Netflix's, Hulu etc. have shown that people can invest their time, since that is something everyone has more of now. By the numbers Quibi lost 92% of its subscribers after the free trial period which either points to quality or quantity for the content. The stream game is so crowded it's important to identify your base and create a story for your base to remain interested.


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